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The Problem With Traditional Alarm Systems

No Police Response

There are so many false alarms that police rarely respond to an alarm unless someone is able to verify that it's an emergency.

Long-Term Contracts

Other alarm systems require expensive long-term contracts, locking you into their service.

Hidden Fees

Cities charge expensive fees when false alarms are called in. If you aren't home to verify if the alarm is false, these fees are difficult to avoid.

Meet Blockwatch Alarm

$20/month with month-to-month contracts

We put you in control and pass the savings on to you.

How it Works

We can use most existing alarm equipment or install new equipment that is Blockwatch ready!

You and your community are notified

When your security system trips, we notify your family, neighbors, or employees by text message, phone calls, or through the Blockwatch App. These settings are fully customizable. You decide.

Verify the Emergency

You or your community members can review the incident at your home or business in real-time, and can dismiss it if it's a false alarm. So say goodbye to false alarm fees, and know that the police will respond to anything you verify as a true emergency.

Monitor with video

Add video monitoring to your alarm system for even more effective verification.

Don't have an alarm system? Video can also be used as a standalone system to monitor your home or business.

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